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Cookies | The Valley Bakery
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Burnaby’s largest Cookie Selection!

Enjoy our Irresistible Cookies

All of our treats are made fresh daily to ensure the best flavours and maximum deliciousness. Our customers simply can’t resist our cookies and travel from all over the area to get their hands on them. We can create cookie trays that are sure to make a perfect dessert or snack for your party or work gathering. We value our customers and ensure their satisfaction is always met. Take a look at our daily and seasonal cookie selection below.

Almond Crunch Cookies: The crunch of almonds and chunks of caramel combined with a touch of spice. It all comes together in a tasty cookie.
Brown Eyes Cookies: A delicious combination – a coconut cookie that’s decorated with chocolate fondant.
Butter Cookies: A simple cookie that you’re sure to enjoy! The taste of butter makes this a favourite. Below are a few of our special versions of this cookie.
Butter Spritz Fondant Pink: This butter spritz cookie is a favorite. Melt in your mouth flavor and a cherry fondant topping.
Butter Spritz Fondant Yellow: This butter spritz cookie is a favorite. Melt in your mouth flavor and a lemon fondant topping.
Butter Spritz Jam Cookie: Butter and Raspberry create the unique taste of this spritz cookie.
Butter Spritz Plain: This butter spritz cookie has melt-in-your-mouth flavor.
Caramel Cookies: A crispy butter cookie with bits of melted caramel almond brittle. Our customers rate this favorite.
Chocolate Chip Cookies: The bits of chocolate and vanilla give this cookie its’ appeal. North America’s favorite cookie.
Cinnamon Butterflies: Flaky puff pastry layered with cinnamon. A light cookie with a taste for all cinnamon lovers.
Coconut Macaroons: Our chewy coconut macaroon. You’ll love the flavor!
Coconut Macaroons Chocolate: Our chewy coconut macaroon made for lovers of chocolate. The pecan and white chocolate perfectly compliment for flavor!
Date Oatmeal Cookies: We make a date puree and sandwich it between 2 oatmeal cookies. A healthy taste enjoyed anytime.
Dutch Spice Bar Cookies: The crunch of almonds and a touch of speculaas spice. H’m so good! Try dipping it in your tea.
Fruit Shortbread Cookies: A shortbread cookie with an assortment of fruit and nuts. A real pleaser.
Gingerbread Boys: The wonderful taste of ginger and the lore of a wonderful fable. This cookie is a treat for all children.
Gingerbread Snaps: You’ll love the fresh taste of ginger this cookie imparts.
Mixed Cookies: Any of our cookies sold at this price but you get a variety.
Oatmeal Bar Cookies: A wheat free oatmeal cookie. Rice flour, oatmeal and walnuts equals a great taste.
Peanut Butter Cookies: Peanut butter is what this cookie is about. So good.
Peanut Cookies: Toasted peanuts on short paste, glazed with egg and sugar brings out the peanut flavor.
Peanut Crunch Cookies: We grind the toasted peanut for a really great tasting cookie. You’ve got to try this one!
Pecan Shortbread Cookies: Savor the taste of roasted pecans in shortbread. Wonderful!
Rainbow Cookies: Rainbows a little luck and a little magic all in this cookie.
Twist Cookies: A light and very flaky cookie. You’ll love this treat.
Viennese Cookies: Chocolate dipped shortbread and a wonderful chocolate cream filling. This cookie is a connoisseur’s delight.
Butter Cookie Angels: Decorated butter cookie that’s tasty and lots of fun for children. Xmas Season Only
Butter Cookie Easter Cutouts: Wonderful cookies in our favorite Easter shapes. Easter Season Only
Butter Cookie Red Maple Leaves: Let’s celebrate Canada Day with our national symbol. Canada Day
Butter Cookie Shamrocks: A tasty bite of our shamrock and you may feel as lucky as the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day Only
Butter Cookie Sunburst: Spring fun with our butter cookies as a sunburst. A great taste. Spring time
Butter Cookie Hearts: A Valentine that’s sweet to send, fun to eat, with taste you’ll “love”. St. Valentine’s Day
Flower/Butterfly Cookies: Celebrate spring and summer with these fun shapes. Butter cookie with Royal icing décor. Spring Time
Christmas Tree Hangers: Hang these cookies on your tree using ribbon. Think of all the other ways you can make these brighten Christmas. Enjoy. Xmas Season Only
Gingerbread Boys Decorated: This decorated cookie tastes so good and delights children with its magic of the season. Xmas Season Only
Halloween Cookies: Pumpkin faces to delight all in a butter cookie. Halloween Season Only
Halloween Spooks Cookies: Spooky butter cookies. Halloween treats that are fun for the kids and taste great. Halloween Season Only
Message From The Heart Cookie: A special cookie to give to your sweetheart. A large heart cookie decorated with fondant and a special message from you. St. Valentine’s Day
Shortbread Rounds: A flakey rich, butter shortbread. Molded and baked so you will enjoy the texture and taste of our premiere shortbread. Xmas Season Only
Shortbread With Candied Ginger: Our wonderful shortbread cookie with candied ginger. Delightful flavour for those with discriminating taste. Xmas Season Only
Speculaas Cookies: Speculaas is a spiced cookie that the Dutch people enjoy on St. Nicholas Day. We’ve made it a holiday tradition. Xmas Season. Only available big & small
Sugar Cookies Xmas Cutouts: Wonderful sugar cookies in our favourite Christmas shapes. Xmas Season Only
Valentine’s Sugar Cookies: Wonderful sugar cookies in heart shapes. St. Valentine’s Day
Walnut/Chocolate Chip Cookies Gluten Free: The bits of chocolate and the vanilla flavor give this cookie its appeal. North America’s favorite cookie. Please note our bakery uses flour (gluten) and it is possible trace amounts of gluten could be present in this product.
Xmas Ring Cookies: This cookie from Holland is a Christmas favorite. The almond and spice taste is enjoyed by all. Xmas Season Only

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