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Wedding Cakes | The Valley Bakery
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Wedding Cakes

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Custom Decorated Wedding Cakes

When you choose a wedding cake from Valley Bakery Ltd., you can be assured of a very special creation. Our European baking and detailed cake finishing set us apart. That’s why cakes from Valley Bakery Ltd. have added a touch of perfection to weddings for over 50 years.

Select your favourite from many unforgettable designs, or let us craft a one of a kind masterpiece to fulfill your every wish. We feature many display cakes and wedding albums to help bring your ideas to life. For other wedding cake options, browse our selection of superbly decorated imitation cakes which we will buy back. This is a good way to save, and your guests will never know.

Make your wedding day extra special with a cake of uncompromising quality from Valley Bakery Ltd.

Traditional Cakes & Today’s Trends

Traditional Cakes

Historically speaking, in Canada, we have followed British wedding folklore until recent times. This was when fruitcake was so popular, and we had the tradition of wrapping pieces of cake for guests to take home. It was popular to save the top tier for an anniversary or the first birthday of the oldest child. All of these were lovely traditions, but we have seen new attitudes within recent generations.

Today the appeal of fruitcake has diminished. The young couple planning their wedding is most likely to purchase a cake that will be served as dessert. Traditional couples, frequently use a combination of fruitcake (as a cutting slab that is then handed out at the reception) and a European buttercream cake (that is served as dessert).

Today’s Trends

Valley Bakery Ltd.’s most popular cake is the European buttercream cake. This cake uses buttercream that is not excessively sweet, but is light and enjoyable to eat. Our customers add variety with their requests for layers of custard, sour cherries, mocha, lemon and the list goes on.

The cake can be decorated in many styles ranging from ornate to simple and elegant. A simply decorated cake is certainly the single most popular choice for dessert and coffee at the end of the wedding reception.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes

When you are looking to save on your wedding budget, a decorated single tier cake can be a good option. This can be in a variety of shapes such as an open book or double hearts.

There are many options for our single tier cakes, and they make a beautiful presentation. This solution is the most economical for receiving a wedding cake that still gives you a dessert serving for the reception.

Cake Decorating

Today our decorators use some interesting techniques to give the wedding cake a new, more modern appeal.

The most popular cake is the rolled fondant wedding cake. This style of cake has the smooth finish that allows very detailed decorating to produce a very simple but elegant look while underneath is a delicious European buttercream cake or even a carrot cake.

Rolled fondant cakes are today’s decorating trend, but for those brides and grooms who favour a lighter cake, a chocolate mousse might be more to your liking or perhaps strawberry mousse would be more seasonal. These cakes are limited in decorating styles due to their soft texture (whipping cream is their main ingredient), but we do decorate these cakes very attractively.

Royal icing is the hard icing used to decorate fruitcakes. It works well when cakes cannot be refrigerated. Decorators can do an outstanding job of decorating your cake. This type of cake can be purchased well in advance.

Buy a Display Cake & We Will Buy It Back

We want to be able to appeal to all budgets because it helps to make Valley Bakery a part of your life, not just wedding but on special occasions and anytime when you want some excellent treats for your family and friends. Here’s a great alternative to spending large amounts on wedding cakes. Buy a dummy cake and if it is returned in good shape, we will purchase that cake from you. We are able to share the cost of the cake between several couples this way.

If you decide on a display cake, provision will be made for a cutting wedge. This means that you can cut the cake for the photo opportunity. Afterwards you should have the caterers remove the cake for the appearance of being real, and serve the pieces of cake that you purchased for dessert (usually a cutting slab). Your caterer will appreciate this choice too. They can cut the cake in advance, and be ready to serve right after the meal.

There is no reason why your guests need to know that your cake was for display only.

Do you have an upcoming special occasion?

Liven up your party with our custom cakes!


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