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Dessert Cakes - The Valley Bakery
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Dessert Cakes

Valley Bakery has an enviable reputation for its birthday cakes. We also offer a selection that may not traditionally be thought of for a special occasion. The following cakes are often served as desserts. You and your guests will certainly be delighted when you choose to serve these. It is possible to write on all cakes, so you can cheat a little if one of the below cakes is your favourite. Try these for a variety of delectable taste experiences.

Strawberry Mousse Torte

Strawberries and fresh cream have been favourites for years. Now enjoy these historical flavours in our mousse cake. It is made with cookie dough and sponge cake topped with strawberries and strawberry mousse then finished with whipped cream.

Chocolate Mousse Torte

You’ll love this cake as a light dessert to elegantly finish a special dinner. We take cookie dough and sponge cake, and top it with our delicate chocolate mousse, then garnish it with whipped cream.

Low Sugar Whipped Cream

We sweeten our fresh cream with substitute sweetener rather than granulated sugar, and then cushion it all between three layers of no sugar added sponge cake. Then we garnish it with a decoration of fruit and nuts.

St. Honore Torte

This Italian masterpiece begins with light puff pastry, an orange liqueur-flavoured custard and sponge cake soaked in the same liqueur. We then decorate this torte with an éclair ring and puffs filled with this same tasty custard. Add a garnish of whipped cream and chocolate, and you have a wonderful cake for dessert or any occasion.

Black Forest Torte

A great European tradition, and it’s not hard to see why! We make it with a layer of puff pastry and layers of chocolate sponge cake as well as chocolate buttercream. Then a generous filling and a topping of black forest cherries are added, then the cake is sprinkled with the traditional garnish of rich chocolate shavings.

This cake is also available in vanilla, and you’ll find the sponge and vanilla buttercream makes a pleasurable alternative to this great European favourite.

Carrot Cake

It’s the spice that makes this healthy cake such a popular choice for birthdays, weddings and so many other festive occasions. Raisins, carrots and walnuts with a wonderful cream cheese filling make every bite an eagerly awaited treat. We decorate carrot cakes with buttercream to give a very professional finish.

White Chocolate Ganache

This is a dessert cake for lovers of white chocolate. As you bite into this torte, you will experience the fine taste of white chocolate and whipping cream! Spoil yourself!

Diplomat Cream Cake

Take 2 layers of our light puff pastry and fill them with a marvellous rum flavoured cream custard. Top this creation with sponge cake and decorate it with our famous buttercream. This is a grand cake for any special event!


2 luscious layers of cream cheese filling, laced with rum, on sponge cake drizzled with coffee syrup. We garnish this classic with fresh whipped cream and a light sprinkling of cocoa.

Chocolate Truffle

The chocolate truffle cake is a European favourite. This is a gorgeous looking cake with chocolate ganache filling, raspberry preserves and a rich chocolate glaze.

Seasonal Favourites

Some of our seasonal favourites include:
• Eggnog torte
• Pavlova fruit torte
• Pumpkin chiffon
• And many others!

Schwartzwalder Torte

Kirsch (Cherry Liqueur) drizzled on chocolate sponge cake. Sour cherries, chocolate butter cream and whipped cream create this German Black Forest Cake.

Do you have an upcoming special occasion?

Liven up your party with our custom cakes!


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