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Cream Cakes - The Valley Bakery
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Whipped Cream and Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream Cakes

Our deliciously European buttercream cakes are the most popular of our cakes. We offer this wonderful cake in many sizes with decorations for any occasion. This cake allows for the greatest versatility in decorating styles and is usually used for birthdays and special occasions.


Pull out all the stops with a cake that includes 3 layers of chocolate sponge cake, 2 rich chocolate buttercream layers, even more chocolate buttercream and a bouquet of ornamental roses on top. It is both tempting and exquisite.


Imagine a nougat buttercream filling layered with sponge cake and custard. This combination of hazelnut and cream makes it a distinctive selection.


Our vanilla buttercream cake is made with 3 layers of sponge cake, a layer of custard and a layer of vanilla buttercream. This cake is delicately decorated with an elegant spray of roses.


This is a wonderful variation on our vanilla buttercream cake, where the 3 layers of sponge cake are sprayed with rum! It’s a flavourful twist on an old favourite.


We use a mocha buttercream filling. In addition to the sponge cake and custard, we also cover the cake in our same delicate mocha buttercream and decorate with an elegant spray of roses. This is a delectable treat for any occasion.

Whipped Cream Cakes

An exquisitely light cake, perfectly suited for special occasions, we offer this cake in 3 flavours.


This is a chocolate sponge cake, finished with delicious black forest cherries, chocolate shavings and more whipped cream!


Our vanilla whipped cream cake is 2 layers of fluffy whipped cream nestled between 3 layers of sponge cake and generously topped with fruit.


We whip mocha into the cream to create a rich variation, then we top it with mocha whipped cream and walnuts for a nice, light coffee flavour.

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